5 Tips for Better Blog Posts

1. Blogging should be about your reader, not you

When starting a post, always ask yourself what the reader will get out of reading it. What is the benefit of the piece you are about to write – for them, not you? Don’t make everything about sales.

2. Work on your headline

The headline is the most important part of your blog post. It is the bait that you use to reel your reader in. Put the most important information at the beginning, and make use of attractive headline formulas. Read 10 Sure Fire Headline Formulas That Work.

3. Make it scannable

Make use of headings, subheadsbullets and images to break up blocks of text. Write shorter, good quality pieces and cut the waffle. Ensure that you caption as many images as you can. Your reader may scan read at first, but if she loves what you’re about she’ll give you the benefit of her full attention in the end.

4. Avoid obscure language and spell everything out

Correct language will enable your meaning to be understood quickly. Localised meanings may be lost on a proportion of your audience and abbreviations such as ‘don’t’ are sometimes better written in full, as in: ‘do not ignore my blogging advice’ – this also helps readers to scan. Always read your post out loud to check.

5. Proof, perfect, polish

Your writing needs to be as polished as possible, especially if you are writing for your business. Get help where you can and don’t become disheartened if you find that you are making mistakes. Blogging, like everything, takes practice.


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