9 FREE tools and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs


This list features the great ideas of some of my favourite bloggers, teachers, entrepreneurs and inspiring people. I’ve also thrown in a few tools. Everything here is something I have used on my freelance journey, particularly when looking to market my business online. Enjoy!

  1. VIDEO: 8 Tips to Overcome Loneliness When Working from Home – I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a while, but I’m pleased to see that Marie has beaten me to it with this great video and post. I love Marie’s fun approach to supporting business people and entrepreneurs. She started her empire ‘with a laptop and a dream’, so she’s the expert when it comes to the challenges of working from home.
  2. PODCAST: The Stoic Entrepreneur with Ryan Holiday – I listen to the Unemployable podcast when I’m driving, cleaning, cooking etc. It feels great to keep on learning while I’m doing ‘chores’. This is a favourite episode as it questions the positive thinking movement and suggests a workable alternative. Plus, I’m always inspired by the mistakes that came before success. Double plus, it’s Copyblogger founder Brian Clark’s podcast (*whispers* he’s basically God).
  3. BLOG POST: Arghhh! Time to start thinking about your Christmas marketing – this will inspire you to up your Christmas marketing game. If you’re not thinking like a pro, you will do after reading this. Jackie’s posts feel like invigorating pep talks – they’re kind of scary at first but they’re what you need to hear – honest, informative and relevant.
  4. CURATED LIST: Finding great visual content for your marketing Once more to the content queen. This resource is great for anyone who needs good visual content for their website (aka everyone) that’s also legal to use and share. Remember, just because it’s ‘on the internet does not mean it is in the public domain.’
  5. BLOG POST: Best Practices for Using Categories and Tags in WordPress If you have a website, you probably use categories and tags, but it can feel a bit perfunctory. This blog post spells it out for timid taggers. Read this, and you’ll understand what you’re supposed to be doing with tags and categories on your website, and why.
  6. FREE DOWNLOAD: 2016-2017 Content Calendar I urge you to start populating a content calendar for your website and social media accounts, if you’re not doing this already. You can ignore all the Wheel of the Year stuff on mine if you think it’s piffle – I don’t mind! The point is, it runs from this month to October next year, and is part-populated to help you begin.
  7. EBOOK: How to Write Magnetic Headlines Please, please, give your content a chance with a decent headline. If you’ve created something for sharing (blog posts, tips, articles, videos, images etc.) package it properly with a headline that works. If you’re not a My Copyblogger member yet, you’re going to love it. It’s free to join – no catch.
  8. BLOG POST: Fashion Copywriting: 13 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions That Will Get Your Customers to Say Yes Although ultra-specific to fashion-websites, this detailed post will help you write decent product descriptions for anything. I think it’s especially valuable for crafters, jewellery designers, clothing makers and retailers, as well as owners of fashion sites.
  9. WEBSITE: TitleCap: Automatically Capitalize Your Title I’m a big fan of consistency, but even writers sometimes struggle with title capitalisation. You may decide to use sentence case for your blog posts to make life easier. But what about pages? And product titles? This quick tool will help you keep it consistent, every time. Simply select your preferred style before you begin.