How I became an uncommon writer…

…the kind who loves online marketing, creating infographics for social media, using WordPress and tinkering with HTML

Back in 2011, I had no idea what bloggingSEO and content marketing were all about. But I had been given a job that required me to learn all about online marketing. My boss wanted me to create a magazine, which I then had to advertise. I learned quickly.

I drew on the skills I already had as an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate with copywriting experience, and discovered that there was an effective and inexpensive way to market a business online: content marketing.

I created a website and learned about social media. I taught myself to write effective web copy and blog posts. I ran email marketing campaigns. I found publishing software, and learned how to use it. And, I did it all on a budget.

The magazine ran for 18 months. I had failed spectacularly to make it work, but I had made a few friends and gained first-hand experience of the challenges faced by small business owners promoting themselves online. By then I knew that my real passion was content marketing.

Now, I create and edit content for busy entrepreneurs in various industries, including health and wellbeing, food, fashion and retail.

If you’d like to work with me, please get in touch.

About Me

I live in Somerton with my husband, Jim, and faery-dog, Anya.

Originally from North Wales, I have lived in Somerset for 10 years, drawn by the glitter, tie-dye and plastic elf-eared glamour of Glastonbury town.

Quirky is my speciality and my passion. If you have an unusual business or product that you want to promote online, I’d love to hear from you.