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13 Reasons to be damn glad you’re a millennial
Sure, they call us ‘Generation Me’, the boomerang babies, and ‘special’. Our lives are for rent and we’re supposed to
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Guest post: how to start profiting from Google AdWords
By Paul Granger Any online business owner who is making good money through online advertising will either have a solid
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Trio of perfumes
Interview with a small business owner: Marina Barcenilla Parfums
Find out how this entrepreneur overhauled her brand and relaunched her award-winning products – while studying for an astrophysics degree.
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You will never be ready to launch – here’s why
It could be your website, or your first product. Or a printed ad that cost a pretty penny. Whatever you’re
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Glastonbury tor
I’m moving back to Somerset!
A photo posted by Ellen The Uncommon (@ellentheuncommon) on Feb 7, 2014 at 1:02am PST Great news, everyone – only
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9 FREE tools and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs
This list features the great ideas of some of my favourite bloggers, teachers, entrepreneurs and inspiring people. I’ve also thrown
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What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur in a Mad World
Are you still reeling from the US Election results? I am. I’m struggling to function for a variety of reasons,
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