You have a clear vision for your small business blog

But you know your strengths, and writing isn’t one of them

Maybe, like many creatives, you simply don’t enjoy editing. And that’s an understatement.

Now, you’re confronted with your business website, blog and social media profiles. And you know that writing for the web has its own set of rules. Get it wrong, and you could be wasting your time AND your customers’ time.

My copyediting service could be for you

I look at spelling, grammar, style and consistency. I take what you’ve written and give it a little shine and structure.

It’s an affordable option that takes your raw material to a polished result.

It’s still you. But with a message that’s accurate, easy to read and consistent. And the grammatical pitfalls that could slow your readers down have been levelled out.

Could your posts and articles benefit from a rewrite? Contact me today for an affordable solution.