Response to a Question from a Spiritual Business Owner

This is my response to a question posted on a spiritual business forum.

Spiritual business owners often struggle to define their target audience because they don’t want to exclude anyone. But it’s better to serve a niche audience well. In trying to please everyone, you can end up pleasing no-one.

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“One of our members is in the process of creating a sacred space in the mountains, a veritable Haven of Peace.

To create a website and web content for such an endeavour, where should she start? Is there a list of priorities which help to organise her thoughts and hopes for the scheme, which then lead her on to best promote the whole concept?

How does one promote a concept which begins from a feeling… a belief, a spiritual ‘knowing’ that this is the right thing to do?”


In my opinion, she should start at Marketing 101 – target audience. Many small business owners in this industry struggle with the concept of defining a target audience because they don’t want to exclude anyone.

But, defining your target audience is not about excluding people; it’s about understanding how to serve your core audience best.

Who is she hoping to attract? Who is she already attracting?

I would start with the basics such as age, gender, location etc. and move on to interests and online habits. Will her clients favour Facebook or Twitter? Are they tech savvy or outdoorsy? What magazines do they read? What are their concerns, problems, desires, dreams?

Once she has built up a picture of her ideal customer, she can use that information to decide on the design of her website. It will inform her written tone and voice. It will help her decide on topics for blog posts.

Everything she does should be about benefiting her ideal customer.

As for promoting a concept or creating a product that begins from a ‘knowing’… look for that same ‘knowing’ in all that you do. My friend S’Roya Rose once told me to ‘move’ into each business decision I make, to really feel it. Does it feel right? Sometimes our head rules our heart, but deep down, the heart knows best.

The head has its uses, too, though. Consider the investment a new business will require from you in time, energy and money. Make your decisions wisely, using a mix of intuition and practicality.

My best wishes for her new venture!