What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing involves creating and sharing content to gain an audience of interested people who can be turned into customers.

What is content?

Content, in this context, refers to anything published online that is of value to the reader. Content is usually shared via a blog or a website. Examples include articles, blog posts, videos and images relevant to your business or website.

What is a blog?

The word “blog” comes from the term “weblog” and refers to the process of keeping an online journal (web logging).

According to Robin Houghton in her book Blogging for Creatives:

“…articles (or posts) [are] usually time-stamped, and organized in reverse chronology so that the visitor always sees the most recent post first.”

Many blogs are created so that individuals can simply share their passions with a wider audience.

Blogging for business has gained in popularity because of its ability to place small businesses on a level with larger, better funded corporations.

What do I mean by this?

Blogs are often inexpensive or even free, but a good blog can compete with big business in terms of readership and popularity.