You will never be ready to launch – here’s why

It could be your website, or your first product. Or a printed ad that cost a pretty penny.

Quote: 'Stop chasing those "ta-da!" moments' by The Uncommon Writer

Whatever you’re launching, chances are you’ve slaved over it. You’ve agonised. You’ve checked and double-checked.

At some point, you just have to go for it.

But after you hit ‘publish’, or send your email, you notice a problem.

Be it a typo or a technical glitch, something’s up.

Your stomach clenches. Your palms start to sweat.

You take your mistake very seriously. It’s your reputation on the line. Your credibility.

But you know what? Mistakes are normal. Mistakes are OK. Don’t get stuck in analysis-paralysis every time you want to ‘launch’ something.

Your business is a work in progress. Just like you. Content can be edited. Websites can be fixed.

Try to think of everything you do as a soft-launch. Forget chasing those “ta-da!” moments. Take the pressure off.

Until you’ve sent off an ad in the wrong format or noticed an embarrassing spelling mistake in your web content, how are you to know better?

Relax. Amend and resend. Proof and publish again.

All those experienced, confident people around you got where they are the hard way, too.

And your customers will appreciate that they’re hiring a real human being. Or buying from one.

That’s the point of choosing small business over corporations, after all.

The personal touch that you can offer sets you apart – even if you make the occasional mistake.